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Characters and Viewpoint (Elements of Fiction Writing) pdf books
Title:Characters and Viewpoint (Elements of Fiction Writing)
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:182

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Magic Street

Magic Street

Orson Scott Card has the distinction of having swept both the Hugo and Nebula awards in two consecutive years with his amazing novels Ender s Game and Speaker for the Dead For a body of work that ranges from science fiction to nonfiction to plays Card has been recognized as an author who provides vivid colorful glimpses between the world we know and worlds we can only imagine br br In a peaceful prosperous African American neighborhood in Los Angeles Mack Street is a mystery child who has somehow found a home Discovered abandoned in an overgrown park raised by a blunt speaking single woman Mack comes and goes from family to family a boy who is at once surrounded by boisterous characters and deeply alone But while Mack senses that he is different from most and knows that he has strange powers he cannot possibly understand how unusual he is until the day he sees in a thin slice of space a narrow house Beyond it is a backyard and an entryway into an extraordinary world stretching off into an exotic distance of geography history and magic br br Passing through the skinny house that no one else can see Mack is plunged into a realm where time and reality are skewed a place where what Mack does and sees seem to have strange affects in the real world of concrete cars commerce and conflict Growing into a tall powerful young man pursuing a forbidden relationship and using Shakespeare s Midsummer s Night Dream as a guide into the vast timeless fantasy world Mack becomes a player in an epic drama Understanding this drama is Mack s challenge His reward if he can survive the trip is discovering not only who he really is but why he exists br br Both a novel of constantly surprising entertainment and a tale of breathtaking literary power Magic Street is a masterwork from a supremely gifted utterly original American writer a novel that uses realism and fantasy to delight challenge and satisfy on the most profound levels br br br i From the Hardcover edition i



Damaged Houses br br A master craftsman Don Lark could fix everything except what mattered his own soul After tragedy claimed the one thing he loved he began looking for dilapidated houses to buy renovate and resell at a profit giving these empty shells the second chance at life he denied himself br br Damaged Souls br br Then in a quiet Southern town Lark finds his biggest challenge a squalid yet sturdy mansion that has suffered decades of abuse at the hands of greedy landlords and transient tenants While two charming old neighbor ladies ply him with delicious cooking they offer dire warnings about the house s evil past But there is something about this building that pushes Lark on even as its enchantments grow increasingly ominous Will finishing the house offer Lark redemption or unleash the darkest forces of damnation upon him

Rebekah (Women of Genesis, #2)

Rebekah Women of Genesis

div Born into a time and place where a woman speaks her mind at her peril and reared as a motherless child by a doting father Rebekah grew up to be a stunning headstrong beauty She was chosen by God for a special destiny br br Rebekah leaves her father s house to marry Isaac the studious young son of the Patriarch Abraham only to find herself caught up in a series of painful rivalries first between her husband and his brother Ishmael and later between her sons Jacob and Esau Her struggles to find her place in the family of Abraham are a true test of her faith but through it all she finds her own relationship with God and does her best to serve His cause in the lives of those she loves br br In i Rebekah i Orson Scott Card has created an astonishing personality complex and intriguing and her story will engage your heart as it captures your imagination br div

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Vivid and memorable characters aren t born they have to be made br br This book is a set of tools literary crowbars chisels mallets pliers and tongs Use them to pry chip yank and sift good characters out of the place where they live in your memory your imagination and your soul br br Award winning author Orson Scott Card explains in depth the techniques of inventing developing and presenting characters plus handling viewpoint in novels and short stories With specific examples he spells out your narrative options the choices you ll make in creating fictional people so real that readers will feel they know them like members of their own families br br You ll learn how to br draw the characters from a variety of sources including a story s basic idea real life even a character s social circumstances br make characters show who they are by the things they do and say and by their individual style br develop characters readers will love or love to hate br distinguish among major characters minor characters and walk ons and develop each one appropriately br choose the most effective viewpoint to reveal the characters and move the storytelling br decide how deeply you should explore your characters thoughts emotions and attitudes Characters and Viewpoint (Elements of Fiction Writing) books by Orson Scott Card

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