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The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts pdf books
Title:The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:221

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strong The Demon said to the swordsman Fundamentally man s mind is not without good It is simply that from the moment he has life he is always being brought up with perversity Thus having no idea that he has gotten used to being soaked in it he harms his self nature and falls into evil Human strong strong desire is the root of this perversity strong br br Woven deeply into the martial traditions and folklore of Japan the fearsome Tengu dwell in the country s mountain forest Mythical half man half bird creatures with long noses Tengu have always inspired dread and awe inhabiting a liminal world between the human and the demonic and guarding the most hidden secrets of swordsmanship In em The Demon s Sermon on the Martial Arts em a translation of the th century samurai classic by Issai Chozanshi an anonymous swordsman journeys to the heart of Mt Kurama the traditional domain of these formidable beings There he encounters a host of demon through a series of discussions and often playful discourse they reveal to him the very deepest principles of the martial arts and show how the secrets of sword fighting impart the truths of life itself br br em The Demon s Sermon em opens with The discourses a collection of whimsical fables concerned with the theme of transformation for Chozanshi a core phenomenon to the martial artist Though ostensibly light and fanciful these stories offer the attentive reader ideas that subvert perceived notions of conflict and the individual s relationship to the outside world In the main body of work The Sermon Chozanshi demonstrates how transformation is fostered and nurtured through ch i the vital and fundamental energy that flows through all things animate and inanimate and the very bedrock of Chozanshi s themes and the martial arts themselves This he does using the voice of the Tengu and the reader is invited to eavesdrop with the swordsman on the demon s revelations of the deepest truths concerning ch i the principles of yin and yang and how these forces shape our existence In The Dispatch the themes are brought to an elegant conclusion using the parable of an old and toothless cat who like the demon has mastered the art of acting by relying on nothing and in so doing can defeat even the wiliest and most vicious of rats despite his advanced years br br This is the first direct translation from the original text into English by William Scott Wilson the renowned translator of em Hagakure em and em The Book of Five Rings em It captures the tone and essence of this classic while still making it accessible and meaningful to today s reader Chozanshi s deep understanding of Taoism Buddhism Confucianism and Shinto as well as his insight into the central role of ch i in the universe are all given thoughtful treatment in Wilson s introduction and extensive endnotes A provocative book for the general reader em The Demon s Sermon em will also prove an invaluable addition to the libraries of all those interested in the fundamental principles of the martial arts and how those principles relate to our existence The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts books by Issai Chozanshi

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