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Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers pdf books
Title:Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:211

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The Chasm Companion: A Field Guide to Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado

The Chasm Companion A Field Guide to Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado

The Chasm Group is one of the world s leading high tech consulting practices headed by best selling author Geoffrey Moore whose books Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado are required reading for anyone venturing into the high tech industry br br Now Moore s partner Paul Wiefels analyses and clarifies the ideas covered in these bestsellers with a step by step field guide organized around three major concepts br br How high tech market develop br br How to specify a winning market development strategy br br How to plan go to market programmes at different points in the life cycle br br Wiefels back to basics approach presents a series of models tools and frameworks that management teams can adapt to increase market share and create a sustainable platform for increasing shareholder value The Chasm Companion reveals formulas drawn from real life that can be and are being used to stay on top in any economic climate br

Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the Chasm

Author Geoffrey Moore makes the case that high tech products require marketing strategies that differ from those in other industries His chasm theory describes how high tech products initially sell well mainly to a technically literate customer base but then hit a lull as marketing professionals try to cross the chasm to mainstream buyers This pattern says Moore is unique to the high tech industry br br Moore suggests remedies for the problems that can help businesses meet their long term goals He coaches marketing professionals on how to move slowly through the gulf teaching them to create profiles and target specific segments of the population rather than trying to plough right into the mainstream He cites examples of successful chasm crossings by such companies as Apple Tandem Oracle and Sun showing what they all had in common and exposing the different weaknesses in their strategies Moore also assigns responsibility for success to programmers and developers by suggesting they design a whole product model Here because integration tasks are daunting to the mainstream market all the components of a technological product must be in one package Moore also describes strategies for competing with rival companies and assessing the best distribution channels for penetrating the target market br br Written not just for marketing specialists but for all employees whose futures ride on the success of a technical product i Crossing the Chasm i delivers crucial information in an engaging readable tone i David James i

Crossing the Quality Chasm:: A New Health System for the 21st Century

Crossing the Quality Chasm A New Health System for the st Century

i Second in a series of publications from the Institute of Medicine s Quality of Health Care in America project i br br br br Today s health care providers have more research findings and more technology available to them than ever before Yet recent reports have raised serious doubts about the quality of health care in America br br b Crossing the Quality Chasm b makes an urgent call for fundamental change to close the quality gap This book recommends a sweeping redesign of the American health care system and provides overarching principles for specific direction for policymakers health care leaders clinicians regulators purchasers and others In this comprehensive volume the committee offers br br br A set of performance expectations for the st century health care system A set of new rules to guide patient clinician relationships A suggested organizing framework to better align the incentives inherent in payment and accountability with improvements in quality Key steps to promote evidence based practice and strengthen clinical information systems br Analyzing health care organizations as complex systems b Crossing the Quality Chasm b also documents the causes of the quality gap identifies current practices that impede quality care and explores how systems approaches can be used to implement change

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Inside the Tornado: Strategies for Developing, Leveraging, and Surviving Hypergrowth Markets

Inside the Tornado Strategies for Developing Leveraging and Surviving Hypergrowth Markets

In this the second of Geoff Moore s classic three part marketing series Moore provides highly useful guidelines for moving products beyond early adopters and into the lucrative mainstream market Updated for the HarperBusiness Essentials series with a new author s note br br Once a product crosses the chasm it is faced with the tornado a make or break time period where mainstream customers determine whether the product takes off or falls flat In em Inside the Tornado em Moore details various marketing strategies that will teach marketers how reach these customers and how to take advantage of living inside the tornado in order to reap the benefits of mainstream adoption

Escape Velocity: Free Your Company's Future from the Pull of the Past

Escape Velocity Free Your Company s Future from the Pull of the Past

Readthis book to learn how to create a company as powerful as Apple Guy Kawasaki former chief evangelist of AppleIn em Escape Velocity em Geoffrey A Moore author of the marketing masterwork em Crossingthe Chasm em teaches twenty first century enterprises how to overcome thepull of the past and reorient their organizations to meet a new era ofcompetition The world s leading high tech business strategist Moore em em connectsthe dots between bold strategies and effective execution with an action planthat elucidates the link between senior executives and every other branch of acompany For readers of Larry Bossidy s em Execution em Clay Christensen s em Innovator s Solution em and Gary Vaynerchuck s em Crush It em and for anyone aiming for the pinnacle of business success em EscapeVelocity em is an irreplaceable roadmap to the top

The Gorilla Game: Picking Winners in High Technology

The Gorilla Game Picking Winners in High Technology

strong The Possibilities Are Staggering strong br br br Had you invested in Cisco Systems back in early your investment would now be worth br br br Similarly a investment made in Microsoft in would be valued at more than today br br br invested in Yahoo in would today be worth br How do you get in on those deals especially if you re not a Silicon Valley insider How do you buy the high tech win ners and avoid the losers How do you find the Yahoo s Microsofts and Ciscos of tomorrow br br The answers are here in this newly revised edition of the national bestseller em The Gorilla Game em The book reveals the dynamics driving the market for high tech stocks and out lines the forces that catapult a select number of compa nies to gorilla status dominating the markets they serve in the way that Yahoo dominates internet portals Microsoft dominates software operating systems and Cisco dominates hardware for data networks br br Follow the rules of em The Gorilla Game em and you will learn how to identify and invest in the gorilla candidates early on while they are still fighting for dominance and while their stocks are still cheap When the dust clears and one company clearly attains leadership in its market you ll reap the enormous returns that foresighted investors in high tech companies deserve br br This new edition of em The Gorilla Game em has been updated and revised throughout with new focus and new insights into choosing the internet gorillas the companies that are destined to dominate internet commerce br br Bestselling author Geoffrey A Moore is one of the world s leading consultants in high tech marketing strategy Here you ll find his groundbreaking ideas about tech nology markets that made his previous books bestsellers combined with the work of Paul Johnson a top Wall Street technology analyst and Tom Kippola a high tech consul tant and highly successful private investor Together they have discovered and played the gorilla game and now give readers the real rules for winning in the world of high tech investing br br Step by step you ll learn how to spot a high tech market that is about to undergo rapid growth and development how to identify and spread investments across the potential gorillas within the market and how to narrow your investments to the single emerging leader the gorilla as the market matures br br High tech investing can be extremely risky but investors who learn to play the gorilla game can avoid many of the traps and pitfalls and instead start capitalizing on untold profits Personal wealth is only a gorilla game away

Living on the Fault Line: Managing for Shareholder Value in the Age of the Internet

Living on the Fault Line Managing for Shareholder Value in the Age of the Internet

The strong fault line strong that dangerous unstable seam in the economy where the Internet and other powerful innovations meet and create market shattering tremors Every company lives on it no manager can control it Everyone must learn to deal with it br br Now Geoffrey Moore author of em Crossing the Chasm em and em Inside the Tornado em two bestselling works that helped guide the high tech revolution explores the new management paradigms that will guide businesses in the twenty first century showing them how to survive and thrive on the fault line br br In this long awaited new book Moore turns his attention to the most important question for businesses How can companies that rose to prominence prior to the age of the Internet manage for shareholder value now that the Internet is upon us br br The old management truths are dead Business models that worked admirably until the last decade of the twentieth century must be replaced The dotcoms are invading every sector of commerce overturning established relationships reengineering markets attacking long established price points and disintermediating longstanding institutions br br What should management do when it is under direct assault from companies no one ever heard of even a few years ago br br In a book that will reset the management agenda in the age of the Internet Moore shows why sensitivity to stock price is the single most important lever for managing in the future both as a leading indicator of shifts in competitive advantage and as an employee motivator for making necessary changes in organizations heretofore impervious to change He prescribes a new agenda for management teams that includes br br br New strategies for achieving and sustaining competitive advantage br New metrics to keep management teams on course with these strategies br A specific blueprint for how the blue chip companies can meet the challenge of the dotcoms br Models of organizational change for each stage of market development br The crucial role of declaring a culture inenabling swift response to global change br Today practically every company whether inside the high tech sector or not is living on the fault line By synthesizing his groundbreaking earlier work on the dynamics of technology based markets with a new focus on managing publicly held corporations for shareholder value Geoffrey Moore provides a highly prescriptive guide for any company struggling to manage the disruptive forces of the new economy br br In em Crossing the Chasm em and em Inside the Tornado em Moore created a new language for navigating the technology adoption life cycle In em Living on the Fault Line em he once again offers a brilliant set of navigational tools to help meet today s defining management challenge managing for shareholder value in the age of the Internet

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Here is the bestselling guide that created a new game plan for marketing in high tech industries Crossing the Chasm has become the bible for bringing cutting edge products to progressively larger markets This edition provides new insights into the realities of high tech marketing with special emphasis on the Internet It s essential reading for anyone with a stake in the world s most exciting marketplace Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers books by Geoffrey A. Moore, Regis McKenna

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